Wine & Liquor Tastings

Off Premise Tastings

The Shinabery Agency excels at providing exceptional promotional staff for in store wine, liquor and beer tastings. We provide experienced and knowledgeable brand ambassadors for off premise tastings. Our top-notch brand ambassadors will educate consumers on your brands and help your company increase sales!

Wine Specialists

We have a team of brand ambassadors that specialize in promoting and selling wine. Our wine specialists have extensive experience in wine tasting events. Our wine specialists are an extension of your sales team. The are trained on your products so that they can tell the story about your wine, answer questions and simplify the wine buying experience for the consumer.

On Premise Tastings

We have experienced promotional models and brand ambassadors for bar and nightclub tastings. Our promotional models are attractive, friendly and are knowledgeable about your products. They can bring consumer awareness to your products in a fun and exciting way.


We can provide special training sessions for your company’s products that our promotional staff attends. This enables our staff to promote your products effectively to ensure successful promotions and increased sales.